Sexual health: You are never too old

A recent online survey revealed that 58% of The British population have never been tested for an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) also known as STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Whilst this raises to a staggering 85% for 53 to 71-year-olds.

However, there is little evidence that this age group has abstained from sex or that they were particularly cautious when it comes to safe sex. Given the symptom less nature of many STIs, this lack of testing could be seen as almost reckless.

HIV testing

A lack of education

The same survey discovered that a third of people asked claimed that they had never received any education about STIs at school. A further 20% said the sex education they did receive was limited or of poor quality.

Just recently, the British government recognised the lack of credible sex education. They have insisted that this must change. In fact, these lessons are to become compulsory at secondary schools from September 2020. Children as young as four will be introduced to the basic concept of relationships.

Whilst this must be welcomed, it still means that a large number of our ageing population could be unwittingly infected by STIs by others who never considered being tested despite their lifestyle choices.

The new technology to the rescue

Fortunately, whilst sexual health might not have improved much over half a century, testing certainly has. Gone are the days of the embarrassment of attending STI clinics. With the ability to buy an STI test kit including HIV test online, now the whole process is effortless, anonymous and done in the comfort of your own home.

An STD test kit can be sent discreetly through the post. Clear guidelines and instructions are given as to how to collect the samples of blood, urine or swab at home.

Samples are posted to the lab & the result is sent via SMS to the client.

On TESTD.COM, We have devised an “Online Consultation Tool” which can help select the appropriate test, if unsure.

Online Consultation Tool
You’re never too old

Home STI tests kits help to remove the taboo around the topic of sexual health. It helps make STI testing as normal as asking for advice on any health matter.

With this level of support and discretion, there is no need to avoid or ignore possible infection. Whatever your age or however long ago you might have contracted an STI, your health matters. If in doubt, check it out!

Online tool which help you to select the appropriate STI test

Safe, Discreet and Reliable

Sexual health can be a difficult topic to openly discuss. For many, the idea of attending a specialist public clinic to discuss their most intimate experiences is uncomfortable. However, obtaining a diagnosis need not be arduous or even embarrassing. We have designed an online tool which guides you which test to select.

Please click the link below in order to obtain a free online test, no personal details required during the online consultation.

Home STI test

How TESTD works

First and foremost, TESTD empowers you to have control over your health concerns. The service is simple and straightforward. The test is ordered online. Order before 4 pm and the kit will be dispatched the next day in plain packaging. The instructions are easy to follow. You provide a sample. Blood samples are from a finger prick. The samples are returned to our lab in a self-address envelope provided and your results are sent via SMS.

HIV test online

Testing is important

In 2017, 3.3 million people attended sexual health clinics across the UK. There have been dramatic increases in the number of chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis cases. Yet, diagnosed early, each of these STIs is treatable and most are curable. For many of us, getting tested quickly will ensure that we receive the appropriate treatment and return to being STI-free.

Getting an STI is not a catastrophe, but not seeking a diagnosis or treatment might well be. Our services are practical and efficient. We are not here to judge you; we want to help you to live a healthy life free from anxiety and worry.