What is HIV?

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HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus) is a serious viral infection that is spread through body fluids, including through sexual intercourse, and this includes vaginal, anal and sometimes oral sex. The virus attacks our immune system to make us more susceptible to infections and disease.

HIV can also be spread by needle stick contamination, by sharing needles; receiving surgical treatment in foreign countries (where sterilization of equipment may not meet the standards of developed countries) and sometimes it can be passed from the mother to a child during the birth process or through breast feeding.

HIV is found in the bodily fluids of an infected person, which includes semen, vaginal, anal fluids, and blood and breast milk.  HIV virus thrives inside a person’s body, however does not survive long outside the body. HIV cannot be transmitted through sweat or urine.

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What are the Symptoms of HIV? (Infographic)

HIV test online

Most people who get HIV will have some symptoms within a few weeks of acquiring the virus. It is important to point out that not all people recently infected will have noticeable symptoms so do not use lack of symptoms as an excuse not to be tested!

At first individuals may experience flu-like symptoms, these can include:

  • diarrhoea
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • sore throat
  • muscle aches and pains

If these symptoms do occur they can subside for a number of years and the HIV can go undetected in the body, but during this time the virus will multiply and can be passed on to other people.

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HIV Testing: 5 Benefits of Getting HIV Test Online

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Sexual diseases are contagious and can be fatal too, but if the health disorder is detected at its onset, the intensity of the disease can be reduced to a large extent. Pathological test results and doctor’s consultation is the primary resource to start the treatment, but social stigma and the fear of privacy divulgation is one of the common reasons for people to skip the diagnostic tests for detecting STI (Sexually transmitted infection) and HIV diseases: the privilege of home testing can just bridge the gap.

Besides comfort and convenience, there are some other benefits of availing HIV test online. In fact, the inherent benefits are the impetuses of the consumers to buy HIV test online kits to get the pathological tests done without leaving home.

Once you have decided to go for an HIV or STI diagnostic test, you can purchase the kit from a reputable company, especially where the tests are done under the direction of qualified doctors. You can get the kit delivered at your convenience, and one can save travel time as well as the travel expense.

Maintains privacy

The kit can be delivered at your chosen address, home or office. It comes in a plain packaging to maintain privacy.

Although a disease should be treated as an illness only, sometime people may act conservative in discussing STI or HIV infection which can create a negative social impact. If the pathological investigations like STI or HIV test online can be arranged, customers can be unstressed about the confidentiality of their identity. In fact, the privilege of maintaining an anonymous profile is one of the prime benefits of buying online STI test kits.

Quick and hassle-free results

A few trusted companies like TESTD™ deliver the results with the fastest possible turnaround time. This is an added benefit for the customers as the results are sent via an SMS, which is again a confidential way of communication. This faceless communication is another reason that has made this online test method a popular one.

It is easy to collect the sample

Companies like TESTD™ truly understand that diagnostic methods are not always easy, and people cannot manage to perform complicated processes. However the package includes easy instructions regarding collecting the blood sample via a simple finger prick method, hence it is hassle-free to buy HIV test online kits. Once the samples are collected, they are sent back to our partner’s laboratory by using a pre-paid envelope available within the kit.

Excellent customer care

TESTD™ offers online support to their customers. One can call the customer care number and will be guided about how to collect the sample. In case of a positive result, further advice can be obtained by TESTD™ doctors over the phone or by attending one of their nearest clinics.

These are the five benefits to buy HIV test online kits.

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