HPV Test


Testd Lab supplies self-collection kits for a vaginal specimen. There is well-documented evidence of a high level of concordance between self-collected and clinician-collected samples in female patients. Home sampling is therefore just as reliable as having the sample taken by a doctor. Self-collection HPV tests are not appropriate for male patients, unfortunately.

We will send you the collection kit after you place your order online. You simply collect the vaginal sample (as directed) and then send the sample back to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope. It really is that simple.

A discreet Test kit is dispatched simply at your given address. The sample is forwarded to the laboratory using our self-addressed envelope. Results are sent via a text message.

What is HPV ?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common virus and most women who are sexually active will be positive for HPV at some time in their life. In most cases a woman’s immune system will clear the virus without the need for treatment. There are many types of HPV and most are harmless, however some can cause abnormalities in the cervix (the neck of the womb). These abnormalities often clear up without treatment when the virus clears but in some women the virus persists, placing them at greater risk of developing cervical abnormalities (CIN), which may need treatment. This is because cervical abnormalities can, if left untreated, go on to develop cervical cancer.

Who should get tested for HPV ?

Only women over the age of 30 are screened for HPV as women under the age
of 30 have a very high chance of a positive result that will clear spontaneously.
Women who do not have HPV are extremely unlikely to develop cervical cancer over the next several years. Women who test positive can have further tests to find out if HPV has caused abnormal cells to develop on their cervix. If abnormalities are found they can then be treated well before a cancer could develop.

How do people get HPV ?

HPV is a very common virus among people who have been sexually active at
some time in their life. It is easily transmitted during sexual contact between men and women and between partners of the same sex. The virus usually shows no symptoms, so it is possible that an individual may have acquired the virus from a previous partner without being aware of this.

How do I know if I have HPV ?

The method for testing for HPV is undertaken by a laboratory examining cells from a swab. This test will identify whether there is presence of HPV. It cannot identify whether there are cell changes being caused by HPV. If you have a positive HPV result, further examination may be required to determine if HPV has caused abnormal cells to develop on their cervix.

Just 4 easy steps

  • Order your
    STI test online
  • Your discreet test kit
    will be with you
    in 1-2 working days
  • Provide a samples and
    post them back in
    the pre-paid envelope
  • As soon as your results are
    ready we will
    send you a text