We deliver anywhere and everywhere in the UK

We deliver anywhere and everywhere in the UK

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We offer a range of screens which combine individual home STI tests together into packages, which cover different scenarios. If you are not sure which would be most suitable, then try our online consultation and let the professionals guide you through the process.

HIV Test

HIV Test

The most advanced HIV test out there

Sample Needed: finger prick blood sampleBlood Sample

Earliest test date: Day 28 onwards

Price: £35

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HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus) is a serious viral infection that is spread through body fluids, including through sexual intercourse, and this includes vaginal, anal and sometimes oral sex. HIV can also be spread by needle stick contamination, by sharing needles, receiving surgical treatment in foreign countries (where sterilization of equipment may not meet the standards of developed countries) and sometimes it can be passed from the mother to a child during the birth process or through breast feeding.


HIV Test Screen

Additional Information

TESTD provides the latest technology available in HIV testing, the 5th generation HIV test, which is able to detect both antigens and antibodies from 28 days after exposure. We recommend testing as early as possible so long as 28 days have elapsed. A negative result at day 28 onwards is considered sufficient to exclude HIV infection. This is in line with the latest recommendations from BASHH (The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV).

Our team of real life TESTD doctors is on hand across the country to advise and treat (where appropriate), once the results are known. This give you a complete medical pathway from ordering the right tests to receiving the correct treatment, so that you can “move on” from any worries you may have.

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