Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are ?

Testd™ is a subsidiary of Regent Street Clinic, Which is one of oldest and largest private group of clinics in the UK.

STI/STD Tests are carried out by our partner Lab, “The Doctors Laboratory” in London. For more details please visit our “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages.


When should I order a home STI / STD test ?

The recommended intervals following potential exposure are given next to each profile. This is dependent upon the incubation period for each infection, which is the time taken for the organisms to multiply to levels that may then be detected clinically.

Some infections can take a while to show up, therefore day 28 after exposure is generally considered the minimum recommended time before it is possible to “move on” from the risky incident. Regardless of how soon you opted to get TESTD™ after any incident, there should be a re-test at day 28 to confirm that everything is clear and to get the necessary peace of mind.

What will happen if I test positive for a STI / STD ?

We will interpret your results for you and communicate them to you in a way that you will understand. Usually we do this by text message to your nominated mobile phone number provided.

If any of your results indicate that you have tested positive for an infection, then we will contact you via phone and work out the best next course of action for you. This could simply involve us arranging a paid prescription for you to take to clear up the infection.

Testing positive for a more serious STI may lead to us recommending that you see a healthcare professional (doctor or nurse). If you need to visit a medical clinic we will provide you with clear information on all the options available to you, including a list of local NHS sexual health clinics, NHS walk-in centres and also our private medical clinics located across the UK. We will be here to support you along the whole pathway from testing to the final resolution of the issue.

How long does it take to receive the results of a home STI / STD test ?

Blood test results are normally available within a day of the laboratory receiving the sample. The results for the full screens are normally back within 24 to 72 hours of samples being received at the laboratory, if they are received on a working day, unless there is a backlog. This is the quickest turnaround time in the UK for these comprehensive sexual health tests and has been made possible by significant investment in the latest laboratory technology.

Do I need to take the Online Consultation?

We highly recommend you take the online consultation. Simply answer a few simple questions and you will be provided you with the right test or screen, so that you can end the worry and get that peace of mind you have been looking for.

The results are automatically generated and are not associated with orders, to ensure anonymity.

How reliable are the results of home STI / STD tests ?

As long as the correct time period has elapsed since the exposure, results are as accurate as technically possible (as close to 100% as it can be). Reactive results should always be followed up with a confirmatory venous blood sample taken at one of our private medical clinics across the UK.

What do I do once I receive my kit ?

Every STI test kit is accompanied by an easy to read instruction manual. Read and follow the instructions to collect your samples and then post them to the laboratory. If you have any problems just give us a call.

What STI / STD treatments can you provide me ?

We can provide treatment for a whole range of sexually transmitted infections by providing prescriptions for their effective treatment and eradication (including chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma genitalium and gardnerella).

We do not provide treatment for some infections (such as syphilis and gonorrhoea), or blood-borne sexually transmitted infections (such as HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C).

If you test positive for any of these, you will be given clear advice on the best options available to you. Modern treatments for the managing these STI are highly effective and produce excellent patient outcomes if commenced at the appropriate early stage.

Right to cancel and returns

You have 7 days after placing the order to cancel it,provided your test has not already been carried out with-in the 7-day period.
However you have 30 days to send your sample to the lab.

How are the home STI / STD test kits packaged ?

All packaging is discreet and labelled ‘Private & Confidential’. There is no mention of the contents on the outside.

What do you do to ensure that my STI / STD test results are kept anonymous ?

All personal information is securely stored on privately hosted servers to ensure maximum security. We won’t tell your regular doctor if you have requested any STI treatments or home test kits from unless you explicitly ask us to.

What if my home test kit does not arrive?

Simply give us a call at 0800 689 4127 or e mail us on and we will send you a new kit free of charge.