What are the common symptoms of Gonorrhea in females? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Women can notice a change in vaginal discharge,- it could increase, change yellow or green or have a strong smell. They may also experience pain when passing urine, itching or discharge from the anus or lower stomach pain. However, some women may have no symptoms at all.

Men may have a yellow or white discharge (liquid) from the penis, pain or tingling when passing urine, inflammation of the testicles, or discharge or discomfort in the anus. Gonorrhea in the eyes can cause redness and irritation. Less commonly, gonorrhea can cause inflammation of the joints and tendons, skin lesions or, rarely, can affect the brain and heart.

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HIV test online

There is a common myth that it is something that only affects gay men. While gay men are disproportionately affected, the majority of new diagnoses in the UK are in the heterosexual population and a third of all HIV diagnoses are in women.

Coming into contact with an infected person will not lead to oneself putting at risk of HIV. HIV is carried in blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. One cannot catch HIV by sharing a toothbrush or through coming in into contact with someone’s saliva, e.g. by sharing a glass.

A person who knows his or her HIV positive status and is on medication is less likely to be able to pass on the infection than someone who is HIV positive and is unaware of his or her status. Being on treatment reduces the viral load and makes people less infectious.

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