How is HIV spread? What is the treatment for HIV? (Infographic)

5th Generation HIV Duo test

TESTD™ offers the latest in HIV testing technology. If you are generally concerned for your health and would like total peace of mind we offer a next day 5th Generation HIV Duo test. This is the most advanced method of testing for HIV and can be done from day 28 onwards following a potential exposure.

Online tool which help you to select the appropriate STI test

Safe, Discreet and Reliable

Sexual health can be a difficult topic to openly discuss. For many, the idea of attending a specialist public clinic to discuss their most intimate experiences is uncomfortable. However, obtaining a diagnosis need not be arduous or even embarrassing. We have designed an online tool which guides you which test to select.

Please click the link below in order to obtain a free online test, no personal details required during the online consultation.

Home STI test

How TESTD works

First and foremost, TESTD empowers you to have control over your health concerns. The service is simple and straightforward. The test is ordered online. Order before 4 pm and the kit will be dispatched the next day in plain packaging. The instructions are easy to follow. You provide a sample. Blood samples are from a finger prick. The samples are returned to our lab in a self-address envelope provided and your results are sent via SMS.

HIV test online

Testing is important

In 2017, 3.3 million people attended sexual health clinics across the UK. There have been dramatic increases in the number of chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis cases. Yet, diagnosed early, each of these STIs is treatable and most are curable. For many of us, getting tested quickly will ensure that we receive the appropriate treatment and return to being STI-free.

Getting an STI is not a catastrophe, but not seeking a diagnosis or treatment might well be. Our services are practical and efficient. We are not here to judge you; we want to help you to live a healthy life free from anxiety and worry.

Home STI Test

Are you practicing safe sex? With awareness and concerns surrounding possible infections increasing all the time, we’d certainly hope so. However, it’s only natural that anybody in a committed relationship may want to stop using protection.
Home STI Test
If this applies to you, consider purchasing a home STI test from TESTD™ – this will provide you with all the peace of mind that comes with a clean bill of sexual health, and none of the embarrassment of attending a specialist clinic and risking being spotted by a friend or family member.
It’s not just established relationships that benefit from home STI testing, either – anybody that is looking to change partners owes it to themselves and others to ensure that they are not carrying any untoward infections that can be passed on. Not all STIs come with physical symptoms that can be spotted by a layperson – or even a healthcare professional, as they sometimes mirror those of a more benevolent condition.
STI testing
If you do have any potential symptoms that may relate to an STI, TESTD™ are on hand to assist. If you point your web browser at the official website, you will be invited to answer some questions about your sexual history and activity – all of which will be done anonymously and without the need to consult a GP or GUM clinic specialist in person. Based upon the answers provided, TESTD™ will recommend your next course of action – and wherever applicable, recommend a home STI test that will be delivered in subtle packaging and provide prompt, reliable results via our partner lab.
gonorrhea test online
Of course, you may be familiar with the symptoms that you are exhibiting, or simply concerned about a particular infection. In these instances, you can head straight to the TESTD™ online shop, where you’ll be able to choose from a vast array of extremely competitively priced home STI tests. These include targeted investigations into such common complaints as chlamydia, gonorrhoea or hepatitis, or even HIV. Full instructions that are very simple to follow will be included in these subtle, unmarked tests, as will a return envelope. It couldn’t be any simpler to confirm your sexual safety, and sleep easier at night in the knowledge that you are not placing yourself or your partner in any danger. The home STI tests available from TESTD™ vary from the individual conditions discussed above to combinations and groupings for particular types of sexual activity. Titles such as ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘End the Worry’ are fully comprehensive and will cover everything that anybody may wish to know, while individuals considered to be at higher risk such as ‘Men Who Have Sex With Men’ also have a dedicated screening package.
Sexual Health Testing
Once your home STI test arrives – which, remember, will be indistinguishable from any other package that comes to your door, so you don’t need to worry about a nosy postman gossiping about your business – you’ll find details of everything you need to do to fulfil your screening. In some cases this is a urine sample, in others you’ll be asked to submit a DNA swab taken from your cheek, or in the event of a blood test request, you’ll just need to prick your finger with a needle and apply the sample to a cotton pad. The fuller screenings may require all three of these samples. Once your home STI test is ready to return, just pop it into the provided padded envelope and wait for the results as they are assessed by a healthcare professional at the TESTD™ dedicated laboratory.
Results will be delivered as an SMS message, which will provide further information. If everything comes back negative, no further action is needed – just enjoy a worry-free sex life until you next require or want the services of a home STI test. Even if you are greeted by a message that tells you to contact the lab, don’t panic – this might be a case of your sample being contaminated or damaged in transit, and a replacement is required. If you will require further medical attention, this will be relayed to you – and in many cases a course of antibiotics from your GP will resolve any problems unearthed by your home STI test.

Sexual health is something that deserves to be taken seriously, and as we now live in the digital age there is no reason to avoid undertaking a regular home STI test, Pick yours up now, and take the worry out of your sex life.

STI Test Kit

The human race is becoming increasingly health conscious, particularly in this day and age where sexual activity is a normal way of life. We are eating healthier than ever, attending the gym regularly, and living longer than ever. With all this in mind, why would we possibly neglect to approach our sexual health with the same level of care? It has never been easier to be careful with STI test kits readily available online.

Sexual Health Testing

If you are sexually active and are not using protection, you owe it to both yourself and your partner to have a full check-up at least once annually – more often if you change sexual partners and would prefer not to use protection. Of course, this is not a comfortable experience – it can be embarrassing to discuss such matters with your GP, and anybody could see you coming and going from a city centre GUM clinic. This is where the STI test kits provided by TESTDTM become indispensible, allowing you to obtain a clean bill of sexual health from your own home without directly consulting a professional unless necessary.

Do not wait to see symptoms of an STI before ordering a test kit – some infections do not actually have visible signs at the onset, and others can do irreversible damage if not caught early enough. Likewise, you may not be sure as to which conditions you should actually be checking for. online consultation calculator that will be able to recommend any possible STI test kits that would benefit you. You will receive professional, unbiased advice as to how to proceed – whether that is ordering an STI test kit to utilise at home, or seeking the immediate help of a healthcare professional.

Herpese Testing

TESTDTM have a vast range of STI test kits available for purchase online, including specialist checks for gonorrhoea, chlamydia, hepatitis, syphilis and HIV. Alternatively, you could even order a comprehensive STI test kit that will check for each and every one of these infections, and help you sleep easier at night knowing that you are not living with any of them. The kits in question take the form of an subtle package that will be delivered straight to your home, ensuring privacy.

Upon opening your STI test kit, you’ll find a set of extremely simple instructions and guidelines as to how to check for any unwelcome infection – this could be a urine sample, a swab sample, a blood test incurred by a small finger prick methode, or all of the above. Once you collected your sample, you can return everything in a pre-paid envelope to have your samples assessed by a team of professionals in a laboratory.

STI Tests Online

The results of your STI test kit will be delivered to you as an SMS message. It may be that all your tests were negative, in which case you will not have to take any further action and can continue to enjoy your sex life safe in the knowledge that no ill will befall you or your partner, or our doctor may  guide you for further treatment. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have been struck down with an incurable disease – you may simply need a course of antibiotics. How long this takes depends on which test you have selected.

The price of an STI test kit varies depending on test you request. STI test kits for gonorrhoea or chlamydia are just £24, and a HIV screen is a mere £35. A full screen will be between £99 and £290 depending on what level of risk your sexual activity falls within. Don’t balk at the idea of paying for such a service; there is no price that can be placed on the clean bill of sexual health provided by a full STI test kit.

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